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37th International EPTA Conference 2015 – Key Connections

In october 2015 we were happy and proud to host the EPTA international conference in the Conservatorium of Amsterdam, organised by David Kuyken, Hetty Floors, Flor Verhey and many others. Theme of this conference was Key Connections.
Contributors were: Mariann Ábrahám (Hungary) with Zen Hu (violin), Frank Bakker (The Netherlands), Marcel Baudet (The Netherlands), Gail Berenson (USA), Dianne Bolte (The Netherlands), Angelin Chang (USA), Marcella Crudeli (Italy), Hande Dalkiliç (Turkey), Jean Jacques Dünki (Switzerland), Jan van den Eijnden (The Netherlands), Steven Faber, Hannie van Veldhoven (The Netherlands), Kari Fekjar (Norway), Vera Fonte (Portugal), Ida Gamulin (Croatia), Gerben Gritter (The Netherlands), Karin Groß (Germany), Kestutis Grybauskas Trio (Lithuania), Remon Holsbergen (The Netherlands), Guus Janssen (The Netherlands), Mieke de Jong en Erna Fransen (The Netherlands), Heribert Koch (Germany), Olga de Kort (The Netherlands), Justin Krawitz (South Africa/USA), Nadia Lasserson (UK), Sang-Hie Lee (USA), Mary Lennon (Ireland), Geoffrey Madge (Australia/ The Netherlands), Primož Mavrič (Slovenia), Murray McLachlan (UK), Bart van Oort (The Netherlands), Irina Osipova and Kirill Kashunin (Russia), Luís Pipa (Portugal), Niklas Pokki (Finland), Mara van Pommeren and Annemieke Boot (The Netherlands), Ralph van Raat (The Netherlands), Dagmar Schinnerl (Austria), Einar Steen-Nøkleberg (Norway), Lieven Strobbe and Hans van Regenmortel (Belgium), Lois Svard (USA), Michal Tal (Israel), Robijn Tilanus (The Netherlands), Teresa Trevisan and Flavio Zaccaria (Italy), Hara Trouli (Greece/UK), Michael Tsalka (The Netherlands/Israel) and Megumi Tanno (Japan), Alberto Urroz (Spain), Kris Verhelst (Belgium), Remo Vinciguerra (Italy), Diana Zandberga (Latvia), Damjana Zupan (Slovenia).

The proceedings of this conference were published in a special edition of Piano Bulletin.
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Mission and Vision

EPTA The Netherlands is the association for professional pianists and piano teachers in The Netherlands. Informative and inspiring. EPTA Netherlands was founded in 1982 and forms one branch of the organization EPTA Europe. With over 800 members, we form one of the largest EPTA associations. We:

  • offer a platform where colleagues meet, share information and inspire each other. We bring together and disseminate knowledge and experience concerning all aspects of piano performance and piano.
  • have strong roots in the classical music tradition and, yet, would also like to do justice to the diversity in contemporary music styles available to the pianist, including pop and jazz.
  • encourage members to continually develop themselves professionally, following their graduation from an institute of music and/or the arts. At the same time we seek to strengthen international connections and facilitate an international exchange of information.
  • seek to act as a discussion partner and collaborator with organizations and individuals from the field. Where necessary, we take initiatives to promote the interests of piano performance and teaching in the Netherlands.
  • offer 3 types of membership: full membership (for those with a piano degree from one of the conservatories), student membership, and associate membership (those who offer piano lessons without possessing a diploma must demonstrate that they have appropriate knowledge and skills).



The board consists of eight persons from various fields: see here.

  • Bart van de Roer, president.
    Concert Pianist, pianist of the Storioni Trio and teacher at the conservatories of Rotterdam.
  • Elize van den Berg, Secretary.



EPTA Netherlands is fortunate to have the active commitment and involvement of many members contributing to the realization of EPTA activities. They achieve this in various work groups.

  • Piano Bulletin
    The illustrated Piano Bulletin is published three times a year. This journal contains in-depth articles covering the entire field of piano playing and instruction. Moreover, each issue includes an in-depth interview with a famous Dutch or foreign pianist from the classical sector and, more recently, from the jazz and pop sectors. All members and a large number of individual subscribers, also in Flanders, receive the magazine. The magazine is, on average, 96 pages and, since 2013, in full color.
    For an overview of all the numbers from 1983: see here. Editor: Christo Lelie. Subscribe here.
  • National Congress
    Every year in November the two-day national congress takes place, with presentations and lecture recitals by a variety of specialists from home and abroad. All aspects of teaching and piano playing are covered in a varied program.
  • Degree Exams
    Since 1991, EPTA has put into place a National Degree Examinations Piano (LGP). Pupils of EPTA members are able to sit for theoretical and practical exams at six different levels, or degrees. The exams take place annually in the period from March to April at various locations throughout the Netherlands. In 2012, 237 candidates, students of 69 teachers, participated.
  • Seminars and training
    EPTA regularly organizes seminars centering on a specific theme. In the future EPTA will also offer (multiple day) courses, which will focus more on the training of particular skills. See the agenda.
  • EPTA Frans Schreuder Prize
    EPTA would like to encourage future colleagues to contribute to the quality of the piano education and playing in the Netherlands. Therefore, we award the ‘EPTA Frans Schreuderprijs’ yearly for the best research paper or master thesis. Submission is open to piano students of Dutch conservatories. The prize consists of: € 750 and the possibility to publish an article in the Piano Bulletin.
  • Website – Pool of Teachers
    The website was completely renovated in 2012. At the same time, a new logo, the same as EPTA Switzerland but with its own Dutch color, was introduced. Besides extensive information about EPTA The Netherlands, there is a list of teachers (‘onze docenten’), where anyone who is looking can quickly locate a qualified EPTA piano teacher in the neighborhood. This is the only list with qualified teachers that can be found in The Netherlands. In addition to the public section of the website, a private members section exists, including a forum, downloads and links.
  • Other work groups
    Workgroup Beginners Methods
    : analyzes and compares beginners methods. The comparison is made on the basis of a number of criteria: such as the target group, entry and exit levels, build-up and progression, musical material and explanations, layout and supporting material. Points for these criteria are combined with the personal findings of the work group and other colleagues. Results are published regularly.
    Workgroup International: promotes and investigates opportunities for international contact between EPTA members: information and inspiration. Is also involved in the organization of the International EPTA conference 2015 in the Netherlands.


Membership costs € 61 a year (students € 18,00).
You can register here.



Elize van den Berg, secretary
0031 645085533


Sharon Stewart – translation, february 2013